IMG_2010Protein powders are trendy today. Whereas they were reserved for specialist stores a few years ago, these days you can buy them in health food stores, at fitness centers, and at grocery stores as well as online. They are in the mainstream these days not only because today's best brands serve multiple purposes but also because there is a lot of competition and many affordable products. Affordability, however, shouldn't be your primary concern. Cheap ingredients do much less for a person's body than the better quality, higher-priced items.

  • Why Use It To Begin With?

One use for supplements and powders is as an addition to smoothies so that they become a more well-rounded meal option. Satisfy all the food groups in one shake without having to cook a proper meal. For a person who forgets to eat, dislikes eating, has trouble eating, or has an eating disorder, this is an excellent solution to the problem.

In some cases they help people put on weight in a hurry. Someone who has recently been ill or whose body weight is considered dangerously low will be able to pack on pounds of muscle instead of fat. In this case, caloric content is important, but it is also important to get the right calories.

Individuals trying to lose weight obtain essential nutrients, calories which are easily converted to muscle, but feel full rapidly. This helps them to curb their appetites without consuming "diet foods" that are unsatisfying or, as is often the case, full of simple carbohydrates which convert rapidly to fat.

Weight lifters and bodybuilders use protein powders in an effort to add muscle because the nutrient goes directly towards muscle formation. Vegetables, fruits, and starchy carbohydrates provide energy, minerals, and vitamins, but don't assist in muscle growth. These individuals are looking for 100% protein.

  • The Best Ingredients 

Read the ingredient panels carefully and you will find there are some powders designed for vegans, some for lactose or casein intolerant individuals, or people who can't eat either one. There are soy, rice, hemp, and whey versions, all of which are very good depending on a person's needs.

It should go without saying the athe best powders contain 100% protein: nothing else. You do not need additional sugar in your bottle of drink mix and you shouldn't be paying for it. Sugar is easy to come by; but it's protein that you're looking for. You can always mix additional ingredients you desire, and you will likely be interested in having some control over what goes into your liquid meal for various reasons. That means electing to add a type of sugar, sugar replacement, or no sugar, selecting fruits and/or vegetables, and choosing a liquid base. Milk and milk alternatives such as almond or rice milk are popular.

  • Trendy Products

Be suspicious of flavored drink mixes. Sure, they might contain a certain amount of protein but also fillers and sweeteners including artificial ingredients and colorants. If you are only trying to find a meal replacement you like, then it's fine if there is calcium, cocoa, and skim milk powder but ensure that the contents are wholesome. Stevia and Xylotol are excellent replacements for sugar. Artificial flavoring is best left out: give your smoothie the flavors you want using real ingredients which also supply fiber, carbohydrates, and nutrients.