Weighing In On Whey Vs Soy

Soy vs WheyControversy over soy milk and other forms of this versatile bean has left consumers confused. Is it good for you or not? Can it cause men to develop breasts and other feminine traits? Will it lead to an overabundance of estrogen and mess up a woman's already fragile mood balance? Can soy be a contributing factor in the development of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis?

  • Whey Isn't Always Good Either

It's not fair to plant a "dunce cap" on the bad boy soy as though whey is the teacher's pet. Lots of people can't even eat it: it could be difficult to digest if dairy products are a problem. Also, many whey protein powders are not made with 100% whey or with whey isolate. Their ingredients are inferior, but the average consumer doesn't know that.

  • Whey vs Soy Protein Powders

First up, let's take a look at whey. Body builders and nutritionists have mostly agreed this is the easiest form of protein to absorb and also the best for laying down lean muscle without fat. Its combination of amino acids is exactly right. When consumed in conjunction with muscle-building activities, consumers agree this is the perfect food for building strong muscles, for muscle maintenance, and to help the body repair itself during stress and injury.

Soy, on the other hand, could be a great alternative if whey is not an option. This plant-based option also contains an excellent supply of amino acids. Problems could stem, however, from the source of soy. Numerous soy plants are the result of genetic modification, so whatever claims are made for the ancient benefits of soy, these are no longer 100% relevant. Whether in the form of beans, tofu, miso soup: they are all potentially beneficial, but many consumers still can't tolerate it.

  • Soy Problems

Customers who can't drink milk have typically turned to soy but many of these individuals have discovered it's not an ideal alternative after all. Their bodies have developed similar reactions to this little bean as they suffered when milk was an issue in their lives. Almond, coconut, and hemp milk have become safer staples in their diets while soy causes bloating, constipation, lethargy, and pain.

Soy, however, is still preferred and enjoyed by many thousands of dairy-intolerant people. When consumed in the form of a powder, it is easy for these people to digest and is readily converted by the body into lean muscle. While certain studies show that men will develop female traits, lots of men won't suffer any negative changes at all.

  • Best Products

Protein powders of either sort are spoiled by some manufacturers when they add sweeteners and flavoring. If all you need is the nutrition and not the additives, read the label and expect to see just one ingredient: soy or whey. Anything else is superfluous because you can customize either one of these protein blends. Add exactly what you want: maple syrup or agave; stevia or honey; berries or peaches; kale or carrots. Select a fruit juice, dairy milk, or hemp milk. Just don't ever sprinkle in aspartame or sucralose and ruin the benefits of what is otherwise a nutritious meal replacement.